How It Works

Step 1

Our dedicated team of Guzzlers (think food obsessed Christmas elf types without the zero hour contracts) trek across the country to find things like chocolate, marshmallows, biscuits, jams, sweets, pickles, chutneys and marmalades from small independent producers that you can't easily buy in the shops. 

Step 2

We then organise a Guzzlfest when we sample the most scrumptious, gratifying and indulgent things that you could hope to pop into your mouth and after much deliberation, we carefully choose five or six products to go into the Guzzl Box. It is a tough job but someone has to do it. 

Step 3

Then the only thing left to do is send out the monthly Guzzl Boxes to all our wonderful subscribers, like the owners of Possum the cat, who is more interested in the empty Guzzl box as a place to have a kip. And once that is done the Guzzlers sit back, pat their expanding tummies and have a snooze. Because the best thing to follow good food is a good nap (obviously).

  • "Great first box. Delicious chocolates and spicy sauces" - Terence Eden

  • "AMAZING!!!! Literally eyes closed, moaning noises delicious. Nom nom nom. Thanks, guzzl!" - Claire, London

  • " I would never have had the time or inclination to find All The Yummy Things on my own so thanks to Guzzl for sniffing them out" - David Ewen from Chiswick

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The wonderful, amazing, life-changing Guzzl Box

Shipped: Monthly
Price: £25.00 Monthly

Your monthly box of the best yummy indulgent treats from small UK producers. Have a Guzzl and indulge your inner piggy.

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The wonderful, amazing, life-changing VeggieGuzzl Box

Shipped: Monthly
Price: £25.00 Monthly

Just as wonderful as our other Guzzl Box, just without the meaty bits.

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