The first two weeks: parcel tape and post offices

Business writers and flashy entrepreneur types just love writing about the excitement of launching a new company - the visceral thrill of giving birth to a new venture and blah blah blah. 

Well there is an element of that. But mostly the launch of Guzzl has been about working out which parcel tape works best, how to keep the dog's nose out of the wooden packaging material and figuring out the devilish secrets of Excel. And don't get me started on the queueing times in my local Post Office. 

The last two weeks since the first box went to our launch customers has also been about gathering in as much feedback as possible. 

I am relieved and excited in equal measure that you seem to love the products in the Guzzl box. I might have actually danced a little jig when the first review went on the Facebook page. 

On a more mundane level, some of you love the packaging while some of you are less keen. "Where is the cheese?" was another refrain. Some customers would like the information about the products in the box, while others are happy to receive the info on email. 

"Milk chocolate please!", pipes up one Guzzler. "I prefer dark chocolate", remarks another. 

I am eternally grateful to everyone who has taken the time to offer their thoughts. They are all being digested!

The second box

The next Guzzl is due to go out on 13 October. We have already sampled some of the products in the box and they are going to rock your world! 

Posted September 23rd at 10:16am