Welcome to Guzzl!

The Guzzl story is really simple.

I love food. And more than that, I love discovering new things to eat, made by people who really care about what they do.

Let me browse through a farmers market on a Sunday morning and I will be happy for hours.

Eating food made with good ingredients by kitchen masters is an incredibly rewarding experience.

Yet there is a multi-billion pound industry out there that profits from preaching that food is bad for us. A legion of unqualified twenty-somethings with attractive smiles profit form making us scared of enjoying food. And nearly all of it is utter pseudo-science hogwash.

Well the fightback starts here!

Guzzl was born out of a conviction that skillfully produced, hearty, tasty, delicious foods should be savoured. And that most definitely includes yummy things made with a liberal quota of butter sugar, chocolate and other ingredients that make us smile.

So in your Guzzl box you will find exactly that - a carefully selected mix of delicious products made by small suppliers who love the food they make.

Don't count the calories, don't worry about the pH level, don't even think about juicing and just enjoy. It is that simple.

Enjoy a Guzzl and don't you dare feel guilty about it!  


Posted August 17th at 2:23pm