What is Guzzl.club?

Guzzl club brings the best produce from the UK's most awesome small food companies to you in a monthly delivered box of wonders. 

What is in a Guzzl Box?

Our Guzzlers travel the length and breadth of the UK to find the best products from small independent producers. 

If we told you exactly what was in your Guzzl Box then it wouldn't be a surprise! But there will always be chocolate and you can also expect things like biscuits, shortbread, jams and marmalades, pickles and chutneys, charcuterie and a whole range of other wonderful nom noms. 

How many items are in my Guzzl Box?

Usually five or six things, but we may throw in something extra from time to time! 

Sweet or savoury or both? 

Both! because you can't just eat chocolate all day right? You can?! Well this is fantastic news. On balance there is likely to be more sweet than savoury parcels of joy.

Will you be sending chilled goods in the Guzzl Box? 

Not at this stage. We are a start-up and at the moment we are only sending products that are happy travelling at Royal Mail van temperature. 

I am a veggie!

Well done you! So we offer a VeggieGuzzl box as well. Just sign up for that rather than our normal box. Most of the goodies in our boxes are veggie friendly anyway, but you won't get anything like charcuterie. And we also check whether the cheeses we supply have rennet in them. 

What's with the packaging? 

We only use environmentally friendly, biodegradable packaging material. It costs slightly more but there is enough waste floating around the world without us adding to it. We hope you can re-use your Guzzl box next time you need to send something in the post. 

I really love a particular something in a Guzzl Box. Can I order it again? 

Awww, aren't you lovely. And yes you can. Just order it directly from our website. 

What day of the month will my Guzzl box arrive? 

We aim to ship our boxes out around the middle of each month. 

What happens if I am not there to receive my Guzzl Box?

We feed it to the pigeons. Sorry. 

No we don't! We use Royal Mail to deliver our boxes, so you will probably get one of those helpful little cards left for you. Or Mr Postie might leave it with your neighbour. Better not to tell them what's inside.

Are Guzzl Boxes child friendly?

Yes they are. As long as your child has as good taste as you do. Otherwise, give them a Mars Bar and save the Guzzl for the grown ups.

Can I just buy a single Guzzl Box without committing to a longer subscription period? 

Yeah you can. If you decide that you don't want to continue receiving wonderful amazing life changing Guzzl Boxes you can cancel your subscription at any time. Your account is automatically debited should you choose to carry on with your subscription. And let's face it, why wouldn't you?!

Can I buy the things in your boxes in my local Sainsbury's?

Nope! All our suppliers are small, independent producers who sell in places like farmers markets and food fairs. None of our suppliers sell to the likes of Tesco, Sainsbury's and so on. 

Can I get a subscription for a friend?

You must love your friend very much. Yes you can. Just fill out your friend's details when you are starting the subscription. 

I have discovered something amazing that should definitely be in a Guzzl Box. Can you add it to your next one?

We love it when our customers recommend potential suppliers to us. Please email us at suppliers@guzzl.club and if the scrumptious product makes it into a box you will get an extra treat from us!

I don't live in the UK - can I get a Guzzl Box?

Sorry, we don't do overseas orders yet. But follow us on Facebook and we will let you know when we do. 

I have a nut allergy - are your products nut free?

All our products have detailed ingredient lists. But we can't 100% say that products don't have nuts in them. Sorry.

Who is Guzzl Club? 

Guzzl is the stomachchild (like a brainchild but for food) of Andrew Murray-Watson. Andrew started his professional life as a business journalist, where he developed a taste for the finer things in life (paid for on someone else's expense account). His first career ended after a stint as Business Editor of the Independent on Sunday when he went into the equally murky world of corporate communications.

Andrew finally got round to eating nice things for a living with the launch of Guzzl in September 2017.